Anonymous said: I'm not so much into the shippy otp thing, but of all the Vocaloids, I do like seeing those 2 together the most. Aside from Rin being my favorite overall and Luka being a close second (aesthetically at least), I like the contrasts between them. Is cute. So I thank you for your contributions to the shamefully small pool of art featuring the both of them.

single tear someone understands

poses no problem im glad to be able to contribute to this tiny ship!!!!!!!

Anonymous said: *is the anon from the last question* sorry for bothering you so much but I'm really curious as to how you got into this ship? Like I start shipping these cuties because of the awesome fanarts you draw ( ̄▽ ̄)

ahaha it’s no problem i love meeting fellow shipper!!! i mean the population is like less than 10 cRIES IN HANDS PLS TALK TO ME ABOUT THE DUMB GAYS

haha it was one time i was lurking around the net (3 years ago?? ?) and i somehow came across this picture and i flew to neptune becAUSE HOL Y  FIRI KCK IGNG L ORDY L OR D THIS IS SO CUTE OH M YG O D i was a dumb leave me alone bUT YA I THOUGHT IT WAS VERY DOKIES AND MY HEART WAS SCREAMING


so ya that’s how i came to ship them they are my first ever otp and i have no shame

Anonymous said: Also in your opinion who's the seme/uke? I dunno why but I think luka tops \(//∇//)\

lukanee is the seme and rinchan is the uke ehehhhehee i mean look at lukanee how would she not top

Anonymous said: What do you think of the new gigap song I was so surprise that theres no "made for Phan" at the end of the pv cuz you're like the biggest lukarin shipper out there (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))


I LOVE THE SONG A LOT oKAY IT’S SO CUTE AND ADDICTIVE I BLESS U GIGA tho im very :3c at the pv i mean where the rinchans

Anonymous said: ;o; //blesses u for shipping lukarin and drawing hella gr8 art. I've been meaning to ask, but I was too shy too--how do you perceive Luka's age? I like to see her as 18 ´•⌔•`);; ehe despite the official specifics


i see her as 20 years old like the officials bc im lame and lazy to think ehe/// tho i alter her age in some AUs sometimes si ^q^


Kagamines in PKM ORAs outfIT
Rinchans lineart and Lenkun coloring by Phan
Lenkuns lineart and Rinchans coloring by m



Kagamines in PKM ORAs outfIT

Rinchans lineart and Lenkun coloring by Phan

Lenkuns lineart and Rinchans coloring by m

the-phat-gamer said: you like vocaloid, it seems that your fav is RiU PLAY MONSTER HUNTER. *INTENSELY PRESSES THE FOLLOW BUTTON UNTIL IT BREAKS*


Anonymous said: cries omg finally someone who is as obsessed with rin as me. but I haven't been able to find many good new rin songs (or covers) lately. any suggestions?


also uHM IM STILL ADDICTED TO RIN’S COVER FOR INOKORI SENSEI HAHHAH AHAH HH A   „ „ don’t want you to singEmblem of Time, Isolation Ward, Kiyoku Tadashiku and Sending Song(??) are really nice too!!!

or if you want duets personally i really like Rin and Miku’s Kankore ver cover of Spinal Fluid Explosion Girl, DENPA CANDY IS REALLY CUTE and Development of Amazing Apps has been out for a while but i still really like it aa aa

my personal fav rn is Blue Bicycle by dixie flatline but it think the song is album exclusive so i cant give u a link gomen ;; it’s a really nice Rin solo that managed to make me cry bc her voice is too angelic :”^) or im just too pathetic

i actually got all the songs update from my gay buddy i mean friend usatherei!! she makes weekly kagamine journal on deviantArt so if you have a dA account you should totally watch her for updates!!! here’s her dA!

oh m ygod im so sorry for making this long i diDNT MEAN TO BUT I CANT SHUT UP WHEN IT COMES TO RINCHAN A Aa AaAA AA Aa aa iM VERY GOMEN lies down

it’s still kissu day somewhere go aWAY